Safety Checklist - Getting Ready to Launch

Before you launch there are a number of steps you should take to ensure preparedness for your trip. These include making sure you have the proper paddling, rescue, and communications gear on board, that you file a float plan, and that you have the safety and rescue skills needed for conditions along your intended voyage.

Our Safety Protocol Project, done in collaboration with many area boathouses and boat clubs, resulted in some useful lists of required and suggested skills, gear, checklists, float plan forms, and discusses the local knowledge one should have before embarking a paddle through our busy waterways.

Some useful documents include:

Suggested Minimum Skills - Kayaking
Suggested Minimum Skills - Canoeing
Local Knowledge Curricula
Minimum Suggested Safety Equipment: Kayaking and Canoeing
Gear List for Kayakers
Float Plan Form
Minimum Suggested First Aid Supplies
VHF Radio Usage for Human-powered Boats