TheSafeHarbor.US and Operation Clear Channel

TheSafeHarbor.US is a free online educational resource for safe boating in the Port of NY & NJ. The site provides useful tools to help you safely navigate the Port of NY and NJ. The project contains a 28 minute safety video describing the multi user environment of the Port of NY & NJ and 5 sub chapters: The Pilot, The Paddlers, The Sailors, The Motor Boaters and Operation Clear Channel.
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The Mariner's Guide to the Port of NY and NJ:

This 28 minute documentary-style safety video is the culmination of two years of filming. The content was collected by five individual boating sub chapters. We want to tell the first hand story of how we operate safely and how we work together as one tribe of mariners in the Port of New York and New Jersey.


The Pilot:

Watch commercial mariners navigate their huge pay loads through the congested Port.


The Paddlers:

Watch human powered boaters manage the challenging conditions of the Port.


The Sailors:

Watch modern day sailors navigate the congestion of this historic Port.


The Motor Boaters:

Watch the many perils a growing recreational boating community faces in the Port.


Sharing the Blue HIghway:

A standalone summary of good practices on the water.


Operation Clear Channel:

This video describes, with some humor and panache, the importance of steering clear of the shipping channel. Many recreational boaters lose track of their position and end up in the navigation channel. Operation Clear Channel is a Port of NY & NJ initiative created by the USCG Sector New York to ensure safe transit of commercial vessels in the shipping channel.