New York Harbor Current Diagrams

The following diagrams are copied from thr Eldirdge Tide and Pilot Book, an invaluable resource for information on tides and currents but also on a multiplicity of topics integral to safe boating including: radio navigational aids and data, rules and regulations, fkags and signals, astronomicanl data, etc. We strongly encourage all boaters ot purchase a copy from a local retailer such as NY Kayak Company or through

To use these diagrams determine the time of high and /or low water as appropriate at the Battery for the day you want to paddle. Calculate how many hours after high or low water your paddle will commence, and consuk the corresponding diagram for an idea of the direction and strength of the currents at that time.

Note that current strengths shown are averages for the hour and that the effects of the moon an, weather conditions, time of year, and rainfall in prior days is likely to affect the actual speeed and timing. These charts should therefore be used as a guide and not assuemd to have exact data predictions.

For links to up-to-date tide and current data see our Tide and Current Links page.

High Water at the Battery

High Water +1 hour

High Water +2 hours

High Water +3 hours

High Water +4 hours

High Water +5 hours

Low Water +1 hour

Low Water at the Battery

Low Water +2 hours

Low Water +3 hours

Low Water +4 hours

Low Water +5 hours