Shared Waters Map

This map/educational poster is a joint effort of the NYC Water Trail Association, the Education Subcommittee of the Coast Guard's Harbor Safety, Navigation and Operations Committee, and students at The New School who originally developed the map as a class project. The point of the project: to give both commercial and recreational mariners--captains and paddlers--a better sense of where various types of vessels are likely to be launching, landing and operating, and thus reduce the chances of conflict or an accident.

We hope to expand this map to cover more of the harbor in the near future. In the meantime, let us know if you spot any issues or inaccuracies.
Also, please be aware that print versions for posting in boathouses and company offices, etc. are available for free; use the contact form here or email us at

Special thanks to:
Genevieve Boehm-Clifton, New Jersey Department of Transportation
Carter Craft and Ray Fusco, Harbor Education Subcommittee
Josh Vogel, The New School

To download a pdf of this DRAFT version, click here.
This map is not for commercial purposes
This map is not intended navigation
All information is subject to change